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on 5/17/17
Subaru Impresa STI 2005 - Repair Timeline
10/11/14 - no heat - radiator assy
11/20/14 - smells gas
01/05/15 - no heat - replaced water pump/timing belt
01/16/15 - smells gas- r and r fuel lines
01/31/15 - engine does not sound right - r and r a:c idler pulley 01/23/16 - no heat again - heater core replaced -
replaced front sway bar link and bushing
11/23/16 - temp gauge fluctuates high to low - checked for low coolant and tightened hose clamps
12/02/16 - steering wheel vibration - checked for vibration and no leak found
04/11/16 - power steering pump assy 04/12/16 - vibrating when turning - bleed again 04/16/16 - vibrating again when turning
05/11/16 - check engine light - canister purge valve 12/01/16 - steering wheels vibrating again/rattling 12/03/16 - steering wheels vibrating again - per John found an air in the power steering pump
12/31/16 - subaru accident - steering wheel hard and locked turning
02/04/17 - no heat again - replaced water pump (under warranty)
02/27/17 - checkpoint fixed dent when trying to fix hood not properly closing (free of charge)
04/29/17 - no heat, heat core replaced again (will not warranty anymore) - recommended for an engine rebuild, you will keep hearing the word "car is old"
People there are great as they tried fixing it but i would advise that if you value your car so much just stick with your dealer because they know what they are doing. Charges maybe be more but it will be easier to track what is going on with your car. For me not providing another warranty on a repetitive replacement parts failure is not acceptable
on 3/23/17
Excellent service by Steve in front to tech's in back.
on 3/11/17
best service possible
on 3/8/17
Great service everything is up front!
on 2/23/17
Very good customer service